Welcome to the AHDB Pork Tail Biting WebHAT

The Tail Biting “WebHAT” (Web based Husbandry Advisory Tool) is a website designed to be an interactive resource providing information about the key risks for tail biting in pigs and practical suggestions to help reduce these risks on-farm.
Taking information from evidence based sources and scientific literature, this WebHAT identifies a number of risks associated with tail biting (a key pig behaviour), and can be used to generate a report of prioritised, key tail-biting risks found on a farm and obtain suggestions to address the specific risks identified

Build A Risk Report

Identifying Early Signs of Tail Biting

Information on the early warning signs of tail biting to assess if there are risks of a tail biting outbreak developing on your farm

Risk Factors of Tail Biting

Browse the risk factors related to tail biting, read suggestions to prevent and reduce these, and build a risk report for specific to your farm

Recording Tail Biting

Information on how recording can be used as a tool to help identify likely causes and risks of tail biting 

Information Sources

Information on the development of the WebHAT, identification of these risks, and further reading