Welcome to the AHDB Pork Tail Biting WebHAT

The Tail Biting WebHAT (Web based Husbandry Advisory Tool) provides information about the key risks in pigs and practical suggestions to help reduce them on-farm.  

It takes you through a series of steps, to repeat on an ongoing basis, to help you and your vet monitor and reduce the risks:  

  • Record:  Record early warning signs and any cases of tail biting on your unit. The WebHAT has posters which summarise the early warning signs to look for, along with template recording sheets available to download.   
  • Assess: Once you have identified any early warning signs, along with other risks, use the WebHAT to build a risk assessment report specific to your farm.  
  • Act: Along with your vet, develop an action plan with timeframe and implement it. The risk assessment report will provide suggestions on actions to take and there could be others your vet, team members or advisers can suggest.  
  • Review: Check whether your action plan has had positive or negative impact. Are there minor changes to make to the plan? Conduct an audit to check whether actions are being maintained such as straw levels, etc. 

A risk assessment can be done at any time and repeated as often as you wish but it will be most useful when you have to hand some records on how the pigs are behaving along with details of any management changes made and when. 

Identifying the early signs

What to look for in your livestock to reduce the risk


Record to help identify early warning signs, likely causes and risks

Risk Factors

Browse the risk factors related, read suggestions to prevent and reduce these, and build a risk report specific to your farm

About WebHAT

Information how WebHAT was developed and further reading

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